#autisticwomen need their own online ASD self-assessment test

quizIf you’re like me, a woman on the autistic spectrum, you’ve taken a bunch of online tests — a number of times.

Some of them are very telling. Others seem to have a glaring bias towards male phenotype attributes. Others seem almost spot-on, but are missing… I dunno… something.

All the existing Autism  Quotient and Aspergers tests out there online have done me worlds of good. How much more good, would a test specifically for women do? Not just me – but all of us?

Here’s the thing… Tania Marshall has quite the compendium of traits for adult women with Aspergers / high-functioning autism. It’s a good foundation for an actual test, like the others we find online. It seems to me, all that’s lacking is some discipline and focus and some code magic to make it happen.

It could be PHP, or it could be JavaScript. Either one could work.

The point is, if we can determine what the criteria should be — and how they should be ranked and scored — we can certainly build a self-assessment tool to help women who have long wondered why they felt so different, and why life has been so *&%$ hard for them, all these years.

Think about it. I’d like to dig in and make it happen.

Want to help?


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