Hiding in the closet

This says it so well. I can totally relate.


There is a test called The Sally Anne Test used to see if children have developed theory of mind. Part of my diagnosis is underdeveloped theory of mind. People with Aspergers tend to pass the test, but they do it by relying on their logic rather than whatever it is that other people rely on to do it?

I believed I would pass the test, but I am in my thirties so of course I would.

This week I realised it’s not so simple.Of course I’d pass that test, because I’ve seen it, I’ve read about it, I know the answer. But that test plays itself out over and over again through life and I don’t always spot when it’s happening.

This week my partner said in passing that we’d have to transfer some money to cover a bill. The bill was going to be paid from my account, where…

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