What Not To Say To Someone With High Functioning Autism



Hello there my dears!

High functioning autism (HFA) is something that, unless you have it, or know someone who has it, you probably don’t know anything about. It’s not generally talked about because those who have HFA aren’t seen as having any difficulties, which isn’t true, we just hide them. From a very young age we learn to blend in with the crowd around us, because that is the easiest way to get through life. It’s much easier to get along with someone if you greet them with a simple “good morning.” as opposed to a long speech about whatever is currently holding our interest.

I was diagnosed fairly late, when I was 14, and I probably wouldn’t have been diagnosed at all if my younger brother wasn’t in a special sensory group for autistic children, and mum noticed a lot of the behaviours perfectly matched mine. Because of this…

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2 thoughts on “What Not To Say To Someone With High Functioning Autism

    1. visualvox

      I know – right? In my early adulthood, I realized that if I looked at people’s foreheads, they’d quit being so antsy – worked like a charm! Unfortunately, I find it difficult, these days. I just don’t feel like doing it, anymore. Getting cranky in my advanced years, I guess 😉


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