The Lost Girl.

This sounds familiar to so many aspie / autie women

With my head in the stars

Shortly after my fortieth birthday, I was diagnosed with autism.

Like so so many autistic adult women, I had suspicions whilst going through the assessment process with one of my children. The more I researched, the more answers I had to questions I didn’t realise were swirling in my head.

Why was life so difficult.

How come I had the same opportunities as my peers, yet couldn’t act on them.

Why was I the same, but so, so different.

My childhood looked idyllic. Public school and privilege, siblings with an innate confidence that set them up for a lifetime of success. A childhood where autism was unheard of.

Working so hard to fit in with a large family of strong willed, gregarious extroverts, that confidence passed me by.

Instead I was filled with the knowledge that I wasn’t good enough.

I am sad for the child I was, because I…

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