Crossing the Hurdles of Haircuts – Acknowledgements

Tremendous thanks goes to Temple Grandin for her amazing contributions to our understanding of sensory issues on the Autistic Spectrum. I’ve never met her, but her work has truly changed my life.

Olga Bogdashina deserves a big Thank You, as well, for her groundbreaking work on sensory issues among Asperger’s and Autistic individuals. She’s done us all a tremendous service in helping us understand the physicality of the Autistic Spectrum.

Thanks also goes to my friends and family who have persisted in loving and accepting me, through all the ups and downs over the years — many of which I can directly trace back to sensory issues.

Thanks also goes to B., my barber in the Big City, who was the first individual sensitive and sensible enough to give me a decent haircut, every single time, without sending me over the edge. I’ll always have fond memories of your barbershop.

But most of all, thanks Mom, for hanging in there with me and making sure I always looked my best, when I was in your care. Thanks for not giving me unending crap about those ponytails that seemed like they’d never go away, and thanks for being as resourceful as you were, dealing with a conundrum like myself.

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